Kim Jong Un shows us he’s definitely crazy

This nut job of a Korean dictator is really losing it and we have to worry about China and Russia getting involved – with IRAN,

As world powers scrambled to work to verify North Korea’s claims that it has tested a hydrogen bomb and others are asking what the country’s only real ally China will do.

On Wednesday, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement that it “firmly opposes” this and any future nuclear tests by N. Korea

Donald Trump: Let China deal with North Korea

 Donald Trump says Let China deal with North Korea and I personally agree.

“If they don’t solve that problem, we should be very tough on them on trade — meaning, start charging them tax or start cutting them off. You’d have China collapse in about two minutes.”

If there was ever a moment for the Chinese to decide that now is the time that we really have to do something, this is it!

The North Korean insult to China and the rest of the world is a message that he is crazy and just doesn’t care.   Xi Jinping is not a guy that takes this stuff lying down,  so stay tuned world Gangnam is back!

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