Harry Reid on the attack – Blames GOP Cowards for Trump

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blasted Republicans Thursday in a rant known best coming from scared Dems who are clinging to the hope that Hillary Clinton will be elected to carry out Barack Obamas plans.  Longtime politician Reid says the Republicans are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump tying his Capitol Hill rivals Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan to the GOP front-runner.


Well yes Harry they are since that Mr. Trump’s PARTY…for now. It is pretty obvious by the blatant fear being shown in both parties proves how corrupt the country really is and that you all have a lot to hide.  It is time for a change in Washington.


McConnell and Ryan should put on some’Make America Great Again’ hats and stand behind Trump at his next press conference. Be a mini Christie, I guess,” a scared bitter Reid said, referencing the New Jersey governor’s endorsement of Trump. They are all rude and have nasty things to say because they know Mr. Trump is right and If Trump is elected there will be BIG changes coming to the over inflated established status quo.


by Pamela Martin

www.waking the dragon.us