Waking the Dragon A Political Thriller by Pamela Martin

Waking The Dragon a Political Thriller by Pamela Martin

Negative Media Stories Pile Up as Fake News!

Can anyone really doubt that President Trump, in these early weeks, is what George Bush used to call The Decider?  But the 45th president, reacting to a wave of negative media accounts about stumbles and staff screw-ups, tweeted yesterday morning:

“I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. Some FAKE NEWS media in order to marginalize make up the lies and publish them where ever they have connections!” Trump also accused the “failing @nytimes” of writing “total fiction.”

This came after “Morning Joe” chatter about the sizable role of chief strategist Steve Bannon and a New York Times piece reporting on “Mr. Trump’s anger that he was not fully briefed on details of the executive order he signed giving his chief strategist a seat on the National Security Council where now President Trump would be looped in on the drafting of executive orders much earlier in the process.”

The “fake news” charge is now thrown around so often that its meaning has been diminished. The Times story, for instance, quotes Sean Spicer, Chris Christie and Ari Fleischer, among others. But Spicer yesterday called the piece “the epitome of fake news,” saying it was “so riddled with inaccuracies and lies that they owe the president an apology.”

He said the portrait of Trump wandering the White House at night in his bathrobe is untrue because the president doesn’t wear a bathrobe.

Another Trump tweet yesterday took issue with the polls: “Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.”  Keep in mind people these are the networks that lied to us about Bernie and the polls, covered up the Hillary beatdown on Bernie as well as the many fake stories about support for President Trump.

I think the polls actually help him on this point. A Gallup poll showed a 49 percent plurality supporting his temporary travel ban, a far different picture than the media coverage portraying the policy as a gargantuan mistake. (The rollout, however, has been undeniably rocky and is now tied up in court.)

Polls can be wrong, misleading or improperly weighted. But they are not fake. Major news organizations hire professional pollsters to do these surveys, and when a spate of polls show Trump’s popularity in the same range, it gives you a rough indication of public sentiment. I’ve argued that Trump’s numbers are depressed because he is fighting so many battles in what remains a divided country.

The president is also taking heat for calling the federal judge in Seattle who temporarily blocked his travel ban a “so-called judge.” That seems unduly dismissive. But he’s certainly entitled to say that the ruling is “ridiculous” and “will be overturned.”

Ultimately, the Trump administration will be judged on results, not tweets. But with so much focus on the early skirmishes involving the White House, he is pushing back increasingly hard against the press leaving me sitting here wondering why are the media not reporting the stock market and Trump effect?  The DOW has hit 20k for a few weeks straight now.  I suppose you just can’t create fake news about that.



Harry Reid on the attack – Blames GOP Cowards for Trump

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blasted Republicans Thursday in a rant known best coming from scared Dems who are clinging to the hope that Hillary Clinton will be elected to carry out Barack Obamas plans.  Longtime politician Reid says the Republicans are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump tying his Capitol Hill rivals Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan to the GOP front-runner.


Well yes Harry they are since that Mr. Trump’s PARTY…for now. It is pretty obvious by the blatant fear being shown in both parties proves how corrupt the country really is and that you all have a lot to hide.  It is time for a change in Washington.


McConnell and Ryan should put on some’Make America Great Again’ hats and stand behind Trump at his next press conference. Be a mini Christie, I guess,” a scared bitter Reid said, referencing the New Jersey governor’s endorsement of Trump. They are all rude and have nasty things to say because they know Mr. Trump is right and If Trump is elected there will be BIG changes coming to the over inflated established status quo.


by Pamela Martin

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Happy to receive a wonderful acknowledgement from Donald Trump

The Presidential candidate in Waking The Dragon was / is inspired by Mr. Trump’s image.   The global events we have been witnessing lately  are definitely playing out in the book and make this story feel real.  If you love politics slathered with  global corruption this book might be a good one for you.

Waking The Dragon
Donald Trump



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Kim Jong Un shows us he’s definitely crazy

This nut job of a Korean dictator is really losing it and we have to worry about China and Russia getting involved – with IRAN,

As world powers scrambled to work to verify North Korea’s claims that it has tested a hydrogen bomb and others are asking what the country’s only real ally China will do.

On Wednesday, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement that it “firmly opposes” this and any future nuclear tests by N. Korea

Donald Trump: Let China deal with North Korea

 Donald Trump says Let China deal with North Korea and I personally agree.

“If they don’t solve that problem, we should be very tough on them on trade — meaning, start charging them tax or start cutting them off. You’d have China collapse in about two minutes.”

If there was ever a moment for the Chinese to decide that now is the time that we really have to do something, this is it!

The North Korean insult to China and the rest of the world is a message that he is crazy and just doesn’t care.   Xi Jinping is not a guy that takes this stuff lying down,  so stay tuned world Gangnam is back!

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